Sunday, October 21, 2012

Advice from a Cricket

Advice from a Cricket

You've probably never heard of Eddie Carroll, but odds are great that you've heard him. For nearly 40 years, Eddie was the voice of Disney's Jiminy Cricket (after the death of Cliff Edwards, who originated the role). He was a character actor, voiceover artist, and toured in a one-man show in which he acted the role of Jack Benny.

And despite the fact that he's not a household name, Eddie had a wonderfully rich and successful career. He used to give aspiring young voice artists a golden piece of advice that works for writers, too.

"Every day do three things to advance your career."

That's it. Every day, plot out a story. Do some writing. Blog or post on social media sites about your work. Review someone else's book. Get in touch with an editor or agent. Do some research. Write. Finish a story. Get someone to read a draft and discuss it with you. Write some more.

Keep at it. Three things a day add up.

Thanks, Eddie. Great advice.

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