Friday, October 26, 2012

The Busy-Ness of Writing

The Busy-Ness of Writing

There are times when writing and publishing can become time-devouring monsters. There's so much to do to see a book through the publication process that it's a wonder anybody working on it can get anything else done at all. 

If you're independently publishing, you have to see to the cover illustration, the interactive table of contents, the properly laid-out text of the book...not to mention reading through for typos. And you have to deal with converting the book to e-book format (or text, or print-on-demand). You have to assign an ISBN and register your copyright. Somewhere in there, too, you have to start working on the next one.

My advice: After you've been through the process once, sit down and write out the steps, noting the hardest one. Next time, pace yourself. Be careful to plan ahead and allow so many hours to each task. Little by little, you'll get it done, and sooner or later you'll wind up with a new book out there.

Mine, by the way, will be on Kindle on October 27 (tomorrow as I write this). Look for it, please!

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