Friday, August 24, 2012

 Jim Dallas #1: Atlanta Bones

"After what everyone I knew insisted on calling the accident— though I'll be damned if I can see what was accidental about two men deliberately shooting me and leaving me to die in a burning house —  the police shrink had cautioned me about losing the skills of socialization."

So says Jim Dallas in Atlanta Bones. Since that traumatic day he has healed and has retired to Cady's Island, Florida, a place difficult of access and quiet enough to allow some serious brooding.

A woman he knows slightly, Bethany Sandridge, asks his help in finding her husband, or more accurately his body. He was lost and presumed drowned in a storm somewhere in the Florida Keys. "I want you to find him," she says. "Find his body. Find his bones. Because he's dead out there somewhere.

Dallas does his best. See how he does. You can read a free sample of Atlanta Bones in a Kindle version at or buy the book for Kindle there.

Or for other e-book formats, you can similarly sample the book or buy a copy at


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