Friday, August 24, 2012

So. This is new to me.

I hope I’ll have a few things to say about my writing and about my reading and about life in general.

I hope some of them may interest you.

This is the beginning. I want to mention my series of thrillers, set in Florida and featuring Jim Dallas, a cop who has been through…too much. Retired and on a disability pension, he lives on Cady’s Island on the Atlantic coast of Florida. He gets bored easily, though he does have something to live for.

For the next few years, anyway.

Dallas wants to keep his skills sharp. And he doesn’t object to doing favors for those who need them. Sometimes he even does them for pay.

He has only one close friend, Sam Lyons, tall, bulky, and good-humored. Together they learn they make a good team for righting wrongs that others have committed maliciously (even though, sometimes, legally – technically speaking).

Here I’ll keep you up to date on the cases Jim Dallas takes on and will offer color commentary on the process of writing. I also may offer my opinions of other writers and my observations on the brave new world of e-publishing.

Stick around. Enjoy the ride.

-Ken McKea

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