Saturday, August 25, 2012

The First Two Books

Meet Jim Dallas....

Atlanta Bones is the first in the series of Jim Dallas thrillers and the follow-up is Cuban Dagger. Both are available at for Kindle and at for other e-reader formats (including .pdf, if you’d like to print out a paper copy). Both offer free previews of the books.

Atlanta Bones introduces Jim Dallas, former Atlanta policeman now forcibly retired, far too young, because of injuries he received when two men tried to kill him—and did kill his wife Susan. 

In this outing, Bethany Sandridge, also from Atlanta, asks Dallas to find her presumed-dead husband’s body, lost at sea somewhere in the Florida Keys. Until she can prove he is dead, you see, she does not have immediate access to his fortune….

We also meet Sam Lyons, bulky and intelligent, who becomes Dallas’s right-hand man and instant source of incidental knowledge. Sam also retired young (his choice) from a position as investigations director for a major insurance firm, mainly because he couldn’t stomach the formality it required. Now he wears only Hawaiian shirts, the gaudier the better.

The second entry in the series, Cuban Dagger, begins when Lyons asks Dallas to help him investigate the disappearance of an eighteen-year-old girl, Judy Hampton of Miami, who vanished while celebrating her 18th birthday in Aruba. 

Dallas is pessimistic, but he does pick up the girl’s trail . . . and becomes involved in a criminal scheme that crosses national borders, with an unimaginable betrayal, and with a deadly assassin who favors the knife as a weapon.

Reviews for Atlanta Bones:
"The prose is elegantly tough, the settings are perfectly rendered, and the action's down and dirty...."- Reb McRath, Amazon review

"The writing style is right on the money...think John D. MacDonald, Carl Hiassen, and especially the easy wry style of Nelson DeMille....But the best thing, at least for me, is I feel like I've just made a new friend. And I can't wait to read about his next adventure." - Gary Kim Hayes, A Sense of Wonder blog

"Filled with mystery, suspense, and even unexpected humor, Atlanta Bones is a riveting read." - Lamar Waldron, Amazon review

Reviews for Cuban Dagger:
"Great and vivid characterizations for both heroes and villains" - Saskie, Amazon review

"The reader is the true winner in this dark funhouse ride of a book." - Kimberlyhdm, Amazon review

And number 3? It’s in the works. Stay tuned.

-Ken McKea

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